Red Beet Extract Powder For Red Colarant And Sweeter

Red Beet Extract Powder for Red Colarant and sweeter Admin Edit

Min. Order: 1 Kilogram
Trade Term: FOB,CIF
Payment Terms: Paypal, L/C, T/T, WU
Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China (Mainland)
Means of Transport: Ocean, Air, Land
Production Capacity: 200Ton
Packing: 20KG/Carton
Delivery Date: prompty Style: Others
Type: Crude Medicine Brand Name: HEALSUN
Function: health supplement Product Name: Red Beet Powder
Botanical Name: Beta vulgaris L. Used Part: Root
Mesh Size: 80-200Mesh Colour: Red
Moisture: 8% Ash content: 8%
Heavy Metal: 10PPM Active Ingredient: Nature vitamin C
Application: Sweeter


For Sweeter & Colorant

Main Active Ingredient:

Protein:             1.2g/100g

Niacin:              0.21mg/100g

Dietary Fiber:           6.3mg/100g

Vitamin C:         8.1mg/100g

Vitamin E:          1.82mg/100g

Calcium:            57mg/100g

Phosphor:         19mg/100g

Fe:        1.2mg/100g



Appearance: Dark Red fine Powder

Odor:  Characteristic aroma of Red Beet

Taste:  Proper Taste of Red Beet

Mesh Size: 80Mesh

Moisture: ≤8.0%

Ash:  ≤5.0%

Impurity: Negative

Package:    Pack in double Plastic Bags.

Storage       Store in a well-closed container away from moisture.


Red Beet extract Powder isextracted from the raw material Red Beet which is Planted in an organic Environment without any anti-biotic and pesticide residue. It contains Plentiful of Body necessary Mineral such as Fe. Ca. and most kinds of Vitamin, and carbohydrate. Thus, Red Beet Powder is a Nutrition Supplement for human Body needs.

Main Function:

1. Red Beet taste sweet, sexual flat to cool slightly, It adjust the digest system, make Better appetite and quicker absorption.

2. It also with the Function of relieving cough and reducing sputum.

3. Red Beet is used to make the kidney smooth. Such as emiction.

4. clearing heat and removing toxicity is another function of red beet.

5. inChinamedicine, Red beet also with the function of beauty, lower blood pressure, blood lipid, blood sugar, Hair Nutrition etc.


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